The end of the school year comes as both a relief and a challenge. No more tests, homework and projects, and thus the ever popular tablets, smartphones and such take centre stage. We will not get into the damage the overuse of those electronic devices can cause. Instead, we will offer something else.

It is an undeniable fact that an active partake in music is one of the most efficient ways for children to experience versatile growth. We, at “Pianoforte”, firmly believe this and that is why we have decided to help both children and parents alike by organizing a summer school.

What do we wish to accomplish? We wish to encourage the discipline of the future creators of our society. We wish to transform summer’s idleness into creativity with a finished product; and that product will be a joy to everyone, because we are talking about music. We wish to help obtain high morale with the children, because statistics show that summer holidays (however refreshing they may be at the beginning) teach laziness, as a result of days void of cause.

The private music school “Pianoforte” wishes to contribute to the development of the youth, and that is why this summer we are giving this opportunity for those who wish to “keep busy” and learn to play instruments while feeling productive in “Pianoforte’s summer school.