“Pianoforte’s” group Rock/Pop band lessons offer and deliver some essential life skills in a fun and engaging surrounding. Our music school is located in Skopje and offers a variety of musical styles due to one’s preferred style of music and are delivered by exceptional experienced musical educators with great performing and teaching experience. The lessons are created for all ages, skill levels and interests giving opportunities for students to receive in our belief many essential LIFE SKILLS that will help them in their future life journey. These are some of the life skill highlights that we believe are learned during our group lesson:

Music takes COMMUNICATION and builds up CONFIDENCE, playing in a band is like playing a sport when it comes to how essential it is to communicate with your team mates, you become an elementary part of a whole and while mastering your music you will build confidence. We at “Pianoforte” music school give great importance to these life skills since they are essential throughout life.


Rock / Pop Band Group Music Lessons

Music is a CREATIVE form of expression. Our students in “Pianoforte” music school are continuously challenged to think, create and explore as one in a safe and nurturing and supportive atmosphere with experienced teachers guiding them.
Playing in a band is the best way we know to get kids to deal with the fact that playing an instrument and singing on key isn’t always easy. A band helps each musician define the exact skills they need to be a better musician and gives them a clear goal and motivation, putting more effort for what to practice at home.
We at “Pianoforte” have made a new insanely FUN way of playing music. What could be more fun than jamming and playing with your peers and friends? There is a strange positive contribution of knowing you are an elementary member of a team, it gives purpose, meaning and MOTIVATION to your musical educational journey since you don’t want to let down your peers. We at “Pianoforte” music school say it “gives purpose to the practice” In our experience students come prepared for class and are very motivated to learn their songs and come to band classes.