To us “Piano Forte” means:

Respect of the child’s choice to study the desired instrument from the earliest age- when the violin grew from a “present from Santa Claus” into a best friend;
An extremely fast recognition of talent and its adequate appreciation, together with an interesting approach to engage the child in the educational music process. An educational process that methodologically is adapted to the child’s age, and it is complex, serious and ambitious at the same time;
A unique methodology of work, which enables development and encouragement of the child’s capability in the chosen instrument. This independent from the theory, which is incorporated in the curriculum in a point and way that is according to the standardized programs for music education.
A high degree of professionalism in the educational approach, beginning from the development of the student-professor rapport, with maximal and successful adaptation of the professor to the character, temperament and affinities of the student.
A unique energy which has a huge positive impact on the student. This is of special meaning, having in mind the individual character of the instrumental education, whose successful realisation is mostly a result of a synergy between the professor and student.
An invaluable opportunity to face young musicians with the challenge of public performances and the magical energy with strong emotions from the public classes and concerts realized throughout the educational process. These things remain written in the school’s archives, and at the same time they are embedded in the memories of the young artists, their families and the audience.
“Piano Forte”, thank you for being a part of our extended family for the past seven years. Thank you for the dedication, engagement, effort, support, and, of course, for the results of our young violinist!!!