On Sunday, 5th June, in the “Ibni Pajko” park (behind the Macedonian Philharmonic) the final concert of the pop department was held by the private music school “Pianoforte”. The performers were students varying from 5 to 18 years of age. It was marvellous to see and hear the performance of familiar melodies, through which the students showed their technical and musical achievements. “Pianoforte” exists for over 22 years and has almost 220 students who attended classes for classical music and popular genres. The beauty of this event was that 80 performers, with the cooperation of their professors, kept the audience’s attention for almost three full hours.

Once again, the collective of “Pianoforte”, through tremendous effort, great discipline and love for the students and their work, managed to realize a huge and successful event. An event that will undoubtedly remain in the audience’s memory.