As a leader in the educational process, the music school “Pianoforte” from Skopje has successfully elevated the education of the children and youth for twenty two years. The story of “Pianoforte” was born two decades ago from the vision of its founders and owners Mrs. Marina Chado (violin professor and executive director of the school) and Mrs. Violeta Stefanovska- Shukovikj (piano professor and academic director of the school).
Founded in the year 2000 “Pianoforte” follows international trends in terms of spatial, personnel and scholastic parameters of music education. This educational institution remains consistent in its practice to steer the future generations towards progress in the educational system. “Our sole mission and goal is to enable the highest quality of music education!”


Today “Pianoforte” has over 180 students who attend classical music lessons in the areas of: piano, violin, classical guitar, the flute, harp, musical theory. We also hold lessons in the Department of popular genres, where students get educated in percussion instruments, electric guitar and pop singing. Each of the programs we offer are carried out with the most contemporary pedagogical methods in the music field. We also use specific learning technologies and we encourage group practices. It makes no difference if the student is a beginner or an experienced musician looking to perfect their skills, because “Pianoforte”’s program can help them all achieve their goal!

The classes are conducted:

  • In the school facilities, and
  • Online, through live classes.

“Pianoforte”’s program is taught by over 20 eminent professors, qualified professionals in the field of music, graduated musicians, MA and PhD certified professionals. Our teachers will teach you the basics of music, such as: reading music, appropriate techniques and rhythm and learning composition, all while incorporation the style you wish to perform in. We welcome students of any age! From early music development, through preschool and children’s classes, all the way to adult students. It is never too late, or too early to begin!

 The hard work and persistence of the team give results which is evident in the positive development of the future, as well as in the current creators of our society.
During the past years, our students took part and earned high prizes in many prestigious festivals and competitions in: Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Serbia and Kosovo. Online competitions were a practise in the past as well, but in 2020 they became a standard, so our students won even more first prizes (according to their age and instrument) in international online competitions in Serbia and the Ukraine.

The success we have had in many international competitions, during the past years, gives us even more motivation to stay on top of the music trends in the world. The awards we have acquired in the country and abroad only go to show that the methodology practiced by our lecturers is one of quality and gives results. Even though the fact of the matter remains that our students win the highest awards, we avoid building a cult towards awards. We only wish that out students enjoy the events, the preparations, that they befriend the other students and listen to their performances, all in order for them to build a vision of their surroundings, their own accomplishments and their future goals.

Led by the idea that success should be shared, the ensembles of “Pianoforte” take part in socially beneficial events. For that reason, as a special section, the Musical workshop was formed. This section is followed by a children’s concert, titled “Down the music road”. The workshop id a favourite among the open character events such as “Skopje flower festival”, “After class”, “Flash-mob for Ohrid Summer 2019”, “The international charity bazaar for Children’s Day”, “The festival of tea” and “Back to School- Capitol Mall”. Above all we also have the volunteer workshops which are a part of the primary music schools in the municipalities of the City of Skopje, where students from the first to the third grade got to experience the violin, guitar and flue, apart from the usual Orff instruments.

In “Pianoforte” we add to the value of life to everyone that will finish their musical education. The skill to bond the physical movement with the immaterial (such as music) gives the opportunity for a different perception of life’s projects on which the children will embark one day. Of course, life is filled with challenges and they will not be spared by them, but we are at least certain that we have helped them to always find a window beside them which will show them the pleasure of making music. And that is something no one could ever take from them.