in Ljubljana, R. Slovenia

 The guest performance of Piano Forte Strings in Slovenia is a result of the long collaboration of the two fraternized music schools- Piano Forte Skopje and the Waldrof School Ljubljana.

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About the project

The project star is the chamber ensemble Piano Forte Strings, which is made of our young musical artists, as well as distinguished music educators. The ensemble bases itself on the philosophy of extraordinary music, available for everyone. In each of their performances, they cultivate high cultural values, together with a various receptive repertoire and an unordinary stage presentation. The ensemble’s line up has changed throughout the years, and it varies between chamber music ensembles who accompany young soloists, chamber trio and duets, as well as solo performances from a part of the members of the ensemble.

During this project, the ensemble presented the Slovenian audience with pieces of the Macedonian contemporary and folklore music. There was also a coproduction event, in which the ensemble grew thanks to the colleagues from Ljubljana.

At the gala concert, apart from the Macedonian compositions played by the ensemble, arrangements of the Slovenian folklore melody were played in a classical composition and in classical solo and chamber pieces. The Slovenian hosts had also a part of the program, in which they played Macedonian compositions among their work.

Thanks to the online multimedia technologies, the reduction of the live guests (because of the COVID-19 restrictions) was compensated through an open online link to follow the concert. Anyone interested in attending the concert, who was not able to do so in person at the “Museum of the National Struggle” in Skopje, or the “Waldorf School” in Ljubljana, could attend it online through the provided link.


Supported by

The project is partially supported by the Ministry of Culture, as a project of national cultural interest within international events in 2021.

The Macedonian folklore, workshop


We also organized a folklore workshop for our Slovenian hosts. During the workshop, they had the opportunity to experience the Macedonian 7/8 rhythm and to sing the compositions they had already instrumentally prepared, in Macedonian.

The project was partially supported by the Ministry of Culture of North Macedonia, as a project of national cultural interest within international events in 2021.