proactively, for more music in the lives of young people!

 A project with which together we will introduce another thread in shaping man into a creative, open and musically educated person


From the first A to the last piece for the encore – PROFUNDIS will present the process, preparation and realization of a concert to the students of PIANOFORTE.

– “Oh, can we play?”

– “Yes of course! Go on stage.”

“Profundis” will help our violinists in the preparation of their compositions!!! In fact, this event will also be the first orchestra rehearsal after a long period, after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic!

​The project includes conductors, musicians and music teachers, the ensemble will include children, young people, and students from the music school “Pianoforte” Skopje. They will rehearse together in the Concert Hall of the “National Opera and Ballet”, under the baton of maestro Djurđica Dašić.

In order to make everyone feel welcomed and learn something new and interesting, during the workshop there will be a variety of activities, from getting to know the architecture of the concert hall and the layout of the instruments in the orchestra through following a musical score all the way to playing side by side with the orchestra.

You will get information about where and how to get concert tickets, when the audience enters the hall, how everyone finds their seat… and how the concert goes, right up to the applause! And why only to the applause? Maybe there will be some informal meeting with friends in the lobby? Our students will be introduced through a story to what it means to attend a concert, regardless of the instrument they play. So, you are all welcome, it will be a very interesting event for everyone!




“Profundis” is one of the most advanced and innovative ensembles that have recently been performing in our country and abroad. From April 8th till the 21st, 2023, the ensemble will conduct the most intensive rehearsals for the latest project called “Groove”.

The chamber orchestra “Profundis” is an artistic ensemble, which has been in existence for four years and whose goals are the promotion of quality and particularity of the expression with a special emphasis on the originality of the concert performances. Some of the most prominent Macedonian instrumentalists are members of it.

In addition to the classical repertoire, which includes musical creations from the Baroque era until today, the chamber orchestra “Profundis” strives for development of other ways of presentation (digital concerts, 3 de-mapping, participation and presentation of new technologies). The quality of the orchestra made up of already proven names and its flexibility in all stylistic eras, under the artistic guidance of conductor Gjurđica Dašić, define it as an artistic ensemble of the 21st century, capable of meeting all the demands of music production. In a very short time since its establishment, “Profundis” manages to realize extremely successful, highly artistic projects and collaborations with renowned domestic and foreign soloists. Notable is the performance within the festivals “Ohrid Summer”, “Autumn Music Festivals”, “Golden Lyre” and “Macedonian Music Days”, as well as the collaboration with renowned soloists: Irina Murezanu, Jovan Bogosavljevic, Giuseppe Nova, Daniele Aiello, Paolo Shibilja, Blagoj Natsovski, Ana Kondratenko, Vladimir Kostov, Ljubisa Kirovski, Marija Gjoshevska, Slavica Mitsovska, Nade Talevska, Marija Janchulevska, Stojanche Kosovski…

An exceptional project, which is the pride of “Profundis”, is the realization of the all-night concert in honor of one of the most prominent contemporary composers, the Estonian composer Arvo Pert.