Who can enroll in PIANOFORTE?

Although the private music school PIANOFORTE is primarily a school for children and young people, adult clients who want to engage in music as a hobby are also welcome.

When can I enroll in PIANOFORTE?

PIANOFORTE enrolls throughout the whole school year.

What do I need to do to enroll in PIANOFORTE?

a) Choose the program you want. (https://pianoforte.edu.mk/)
b) Fill in the registration form.
c) Sign a contract.
d) Make the tuition payment according to the contract.
e) Start your lessons with the assigned teacher.

When I start my lessons, do I have to come regularly?

Regularity is important for two reasons. First, it is a requirement for a rapid and steady progress in learning an instrument. Second, your teacher has reserved your lesson appointment and the room just for you.

What will happen if I have to be absent for some reason?

If you are absent due to illness, inform the teacher as soon as possible and reschedule for a time slot that will be additionally offered to you by the teacher. Additionally, if you know in advance that you will be absent for another reason, it must be announced at least two days before your class date and in that case the class will be rescheduled in a time that will be additionally offered to you by the teacher. If you are absent without any notice, the missed class will be considered as taken, which means it will not be compensated.

What if the teacher or the school cancels the lesson?

If the teacher or the school cancels a lesson, that lesson will be rescheduled.

Can I pay the tuition in several installments?

During enrollment, you will be explained the methods of paying tuition in installments and you will make the payments accordingly.

Does PIANOFORTE organize concerts?

Pianoforte organizes two major half-yearly concerts and encourages all students to perform. The prerequisite for participating in a performance is a prepared musical material and payment of registration fee for participation in the event.

Do PIANOFORTE students participate in competitions?

Students who stand out with their talent, diligence and discipline and can master the material are encouraged to start preparing for musical competitions. Additionally there should be a mutual agreement between the teacher and parents for the same.

We often encourage many of our students to participate in competitions.